IT Tech Support provides unparalleled IT consulting and support for financial services providers. Since 2002, we have assisted financial services firms with every aspect of information technology integration. We are familiar with the software, tools, and processes commonly used, and can help your firm navigate through complicated IT solutions. Below are some common questions and to consider when analyzing IT solutions.

Are we secure enough?

Was your network infrastructure analyzed (including routers, switches, and servers) for possible gaps in security? Are your antivirus, firewall, and servers configured and updated for the latest patches, firmware, and version? IT Tech Support’s managed IT solutions for financial services firms can help your firm proactively monitor and maintain your entire network.

What happens to our data if there is a disaster?

Are there any backup, disaster recovery, or business continuity options with this system? Will I have my data and how long will it take to get things up and running again? Most firms focus only on backups, which only answers the first part of the disaster recovery question. How long will it take me to be operational after a disaster occurs? IT Tech Support’s business continuity solutions for financial services providers not only focuses on backups, but also expertly integrates disaster recovery and business continuity into your firm’s systems.

Why is everything so slow?

Our experts can perform a technical deep dive into both your process and software feature sets to provide you with valuable insight and actionable intelligence on what would improve the overall performance with your systems. By performing routine monthly maintenance on servers, issues which slow down the network can be quickly detected and resolved.

Are our systems up to date? Can we grow?

If your hardware does not meet current requirements, you will face performance bottlenecks. If you exceed the requirements, but haven’t worked with someone to optimize your software configuration, there could be resources left underutilized. Failure to adequately prepare for the additional data strain on your systems can be an expensive proposition. IT Tech Support can help your firm with cloud based solutions to virtualize your existing infrastructure so that it can scale (expand and contract) seamlessly.

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