Cisco Meraki’s real-time cloud management platform enables administrators to manage networks anytime, anywhere through the cloud. IT Tech Support can help you ensure the best performance and fully-optimized network configuration possible from your Meraki cloud management platform.

In order for any wireless implementation design to run successfully, you need to ensure proper planning has been put in place. Cisco Meraki products are pioneers in providing secure, reliable and accessible wireless network solutions that are completely flexible. Entirely managed over the web, Cisco Meraki is flexible across devices, wireless, switching and security; giving end-users control without the often costly and never-ending issues associated with conventional infrastructures.

Quick & Easy Management

Meraki hardware is designed to provide your business with centralized control and application visibility. Optimize and manage performance and configurations from a single page.

Cloud Security

Cisco Meraki was invented with high-level security in mind. It features next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention, and content filtering.

Managed Wireless Thru Cloud

Meraki’s web-based dashboard allows visibility of your network users for the devices and applications they are using. This enables you to optimize both network security and end-user experience.

Reduces Costs

Meraki’s streamlined implementation of network technology allows your business to no longer worry about extra costs for training and additional staff to manage your network.

IT Tech Support supplies a range of Cisco Meraki hardware with a variety of licenses and support options. Our 10+ years of experience in both installing Cisco Meraki products and configuring network topology assures your business that every engineer at IT Tech Support is equipped with expertise and is ready to take your network management to the next level.

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